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I am going to introduce a place which could let you enjoy your nightlife very much. Oh, you were right! I am going to introduce you Auto-city! But why the city for automobile is a city that never sleeps? It is just a city which selling automobile only! No, you were wrong if you think in that way. Auto-city not only full with various brand of automobile, it is also full with food and entertainment!

I know you guys wondering so much where is this good place located, right? So let’s us stop guessing now! Auto- city is located at Juru, Prai, Penang. There are over 30 brands such as Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Toyota so on and so forth can be found in this city. So, you may enjoy your auto shopping over here. But introduce the brand of auto, is not my main purpose to introduce you Auto-city. My main aim is to introduce the food and entertainment in this city~

It is nearly 40 restaurants in this city. Various type of food you may found here. Over here, you can find Korean food, Japanese food, Malay food, Fast food, dessert so on and so forth. The shop such as Seoul Garden Restaurant, Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine, Isshin Japanese Restaurant, Ice Ice Baby is all in here. There have several type of restaurant over here. First of all is the restaurant for meeting, chit-chatting and coffee. The business hour for this kind of restaurant is always until 1am. Another type will be end about 10pm. Restaurant like ‘The Manhattan Fish Market’ and also ‘Sushi King’ will end their operation about 10pm. Below here is the link that you may take a look for it to know more details.

Next, I am going to let you know about the most attractive part of Auto-city. Yeah, is the nightlife in Auto-city! Dream, Highway Star Lounge, SOHO’s English Pub & Restaurant is the pub that you can find in this wonderful city. Below are the foods and beverage that you may found in SOHO. I like the Shepherd’s Pie, Sausage with Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Soup, Spaghetti, Grilled Lamb Chop and Irish Coffee.


The nightlife in Auto-city is really wonderful. You can enjoy your nightlife on your own interest. You may chit-chat with your buddies at the coffee shop such as Old Town so on and so forth, clubbing or enjoy the various type of cuisine at here.

Nightlife in Auto-city

Beside of that, there are a lot of event will held all after the year over Auto-city. The New Year Countdown in Auto-city is 1 of the annual event that you can’t even miss it once! The atmosphere over here is really good during festival. Others event that held in Auto-city such as Merdeka Countdown, Motor Sports Show and so on also very attractive. There are a lot others international event will be held over here too. Please do check the schedule before you come here, you might get a big surprise! Why I say that? Because there are quite a number of ‘Star’ will come here to perform! Sometime you may find ‘Big and Shinning Star’ come here to present their performance for you! Fish Leong is 1 of them, proud of Malaysia! The up-coming event as below:

Auto-City Merdeka Countdown 2009: 30 Aug 2009
Mid-Autumn Festival: 3 Oct 2009
Penang International Lantern Festival: 1 Nov – 31 Dec 2009
Auto-City Christmas New Year Countdown Eve Festa: 24-31 Dec 2009

Highway Auto-city
1688-F8, Jalan Perusahaan, Highway Auto-City, North-South Highway Juru Interchange, 13600 Prai, Penang.
Tel: 04-5011222
Fax: 04-5011221

Highway Auto-city

See you all next time! Next topic that I’m going to share with you is Where to Shop in Penang! Shopping without burning a hole in your pocket and get fun!

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