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High Street 5 (credit:

High Street 5 (credit:

One of the notable MMO dance creations would be the High Street 5. This dancing masterpiece has four different versions – the US, Singapore, Malaysia & the Philippines one. This game is widely known in the South East Asia.

You start off as a normal, unknown dancer and a stalker agent comes to you and persuades you that you have the potential of becoming a successful street dancer. That’s how it all begins.

After you create your character, and design how you want to look like, you’re ready. The town you are in, well, it’s packed with other gamers and social areas like homes, guild houses, and even wedding churches. All these areas can be accessed easily and there are numerous places for you to go customize the looks of your character.

As the game is a dancing game, you might want to dance, so naturally, you’ll go to the dance halls provided in the area. Each area contains different backgrounds and different sets of songs, and for those who have played enough and gained enough money, they can rent their own private dance halls.

High Street 5

High Street 5 (credit:

There are a few dance modes, common ones would be: individual dance, team dance and couples dance. If you would want a challenging dancing adventure, you can set yourself to hard mode; if you’re a beginner, it’s advisable for you to start with easy mode.

The game controls are quite simple, like Audition and STEPS; you have to press all the keys and then space bar as it approaches a white lit area on a bar that moves across the screen. The closer you get to it, the more points you score. And if you manage to pull off 100% perfect scores or even perform special dance moves, you’ll gain extra marks. Every move you perform successfully, you gain more stamina, which is quite important if you want to show off your special moves.

Practice makes perfect; most of these dancing games require practice, and what really helps is the special playback feature. You get to watch yourself dance and spot your mistakes and hopefully don’t make them again. It’s a great learning tool, nothing more.

Ratings: 3.4 out of 5

It’s a beautiful world; High Street 5 provides great graphics and a colorful environment for all its dancers. The clothes you purchase are quite stylish and it definitely beats many other free dancing games. Besides that, the sound effects they have are incredibly satisfying and it provides up to date songs. All these song choices make the game all so wonderful for us to enjoy.

Unfortunately, there are bad points and complaints about the game. It’s patching takes ages and its server isn’t exactly user-friendly. Besides that, most of the things in this dancing world is temporary as your clothes and items have expiry dates. If you want permanent clothing, you’ll need to spend item mall money or win them from contests.

It’s overall a decent dance world to be in, but you’ll need to tolerate its awful patching server. If you love music and love dancing, this is a great chance for you to show off your awesome skills.

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