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Pinoy Artists Love Songs

Filipino artists are not only egregious song writers but they are also quixotic musicians. During the senile times, love strains in the Philippines are called Kundiman. Nowadays, songs from the heart are not only gradual tune. Divergent genres had been bestowed to appear with love songs that will overwhelm the unfathomable ardor of the listeners. No wonder Pinoy artists are becoming well celebrated in maneuvering and chanting idyllic songs.

Erik Santos collaboration with the international virtuoso of music writing, Jim Brickman engenders heads up in the abilities of Filipino musicians. Erik Santos is the Philippines Prince of Pop who has exonerated five albums that all have number one hits. His recent and sixth album entitled Erik Santos: The Jim Brickman Songbook, it will be no awe that the album will be hackneyed not only in the Philippines but in the world. The carrier single is My Love Is Here was fabricated by Jim Brickman. The love song is about a guy who recedes in love with a woman from a diverse country. Did they end up together? Scrutinize the video of My Love Is Here by Erik Santos to find out…

Two Filipino artists will persist to swing the sentiments of ladies worldwide with their stupendous demeanors and mellifluous voices. Who am I discoursing about? Indubitably the two exquisite singers: Christian Bautista and Billy Crawford.

The Asia’s Romantic Balladeer, Christian Bautista who have incremented prevalence in various Asian countries because of his prominent song, The Way You Look At Me. The track is from his incipient album that had been awarded multi-platinum. The singer has emancipated scanty paramount charting albums under Warner Music Philippines and his latest album, Romance Revisited under Universal Records indeed will accumulate more recognition from multitude. Pieces from the album are interpretation of ballads from Jose Mari Chan, one of the most celebrated song writers in the Philippines. The first single is the appealing tune, Tell Me Your Name. The scoop of the music video is about a dolt who ebbs in love with a proverbial celebrity. Here is the video that will brew you to discern butterflies in your stomach!

From classic arrangement of ballad to the rendition of hits from 70’s and 80’s, Billy Crawford’s fifth album entitled Groove showcases the Pinoy fortes. The International R & B renowned pop performer always impresses the Philippines because of his stunning actuates in the dance floor. With his fresh single, Human Nature, a praised song from the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, Billy plighted to mien the dance stage on fire. Ready your feet and embark impelling with the song, Human Nature.

Let’s relinquish the dance floor and repose on our own chair because the next video will amass us breathless. Paolo Santos, the commended Mr. Acoustic of the Philippines occurs back with his present album Back to Basic. The acoustic singer has faltered the music scene with acoustic songs in 2000. The long foresee is over because today, Paolo Santos consorts back acoustic music with his second single called Naglalambing. The tune is about being delightful to a special person. However in the music video, the allusion of the song manifests differently. To the populace who yearns to atone to a loved one, you have to tout the music video to fathom the sundry styles in precept sorry.

What if it’s too remiss to imply sorry? Richard Poon’s second single: you and I will synthesize you to envision that being sorry is not always cynical. The leading Filipino Jazz musician attested that jazz is stimulating Pinoy’s heart because of his fortuitous pristine album in 2007. Today with his second album labeled For You, Richard Poon’s resonant songs will repose mark in the soul of listeners. You and I is a song about a love one that demise. In the prelude, melancholy envelops in the video but in the latter part, the video longs to cede that there is always reverie that two hearts will be reconcile in heaven. Here is the poignant music video…

Romantic songs are not always imputed with men. In fact Filipina artists are constituting their move to the Philippine music industry by ushering tremendous love songs.

Philippines Bossa Nova Queen, Sitti Navarro assayed that girl power is still on lead. Like Jazz, Bossa Nova appears in the Philippine music in 20’s. Sitti had unveiled the genre in 2006 with her smashing first album entitled, Café Bossa. The bossa nova since then was seized by Filipinos and absolutely with her sixth album: Contagious, bossa will be on supreme on music hit charts again. Is This Love, Sitti’s fresh track from her on-going album will surely compel your heart beat and you will interrogate your self, am I falling in love?

Sarah Geronimo is not an unfamiliar visage in the local industry. The Pop Princess has roused her pursuit as a child actress but music precisely contrived her to be prominent. The voice that can sink a thousand ships, Sarah songs are noteworthy. Her fifth album, Just Me represents the singing prowess of Sarah. With her top chart song Dahil Minahal Na Kita, Sarah Geronimo is no doubt a certified talented artist. Let us be entertained with the sweet and enchanting song, Dahil Minahal Na Kita…

Love songs are really the cup of tea of the two Philippines topnotch entertainers who concocted prodigious jolt in the local music industry. Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano and Concert King Martin Nieverra have sustained that they are still the nonpareil singers in the Philippines. The two hefty sobriquets in the Philippine music had recently had thriving concert and with their conspired tune: As 1, Gary V. and Martin N. present that no one can halt their potency. Here is the music video of once in a lifetime collaboration of two successful Filipino male singers.

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